the distance from here to where you would be

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Belgium is seen, by uninitiated eyes, as a small, insignificant, and somehow dull country which is even difficult to situate on an European map. Even for Belgians, the concept of a Belgian identity is somehow unnatural. To quote the words of José Fontaine: ‘C’est cela belgitude, l’idée qu’être Belge c’est avoir l'identité de la non-identité'. All of these pictures were physically taken at the Belgian border which is a quest to unveil the antithesis of the plainnes but also (according Benno Bernard) "the somehow cheerful, abundant, slightly cynical Belgian character that often stays undisclosed behind shutters, complex political bureaucracy, stateliness and distance”. By balancing on a physical but also a metaphysical border this series aim was to disclose the ordinary Belgian image.
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